Thanks for visiting my site.

Hi, I’m Ariock®, and you can read a little bit about me in the sidebar. I’m going to be writing about my experiences with games, puzzles, and other pursuits. There’s a link to that. But first, the FAQ:

What’s with the ® ?

So yes, I’ve got a trademark for the name Ariock. I got it because the fellow who owns ariock dot com (I’m not going to link it due to prior extremely NSFW content) tried to get me kicked off a bunch of sites I had accounts on back in 2007-ish. He accused me of pretending to be him, which was patently false. I’d been using the name “Ariock” since at least 1999 playing TeamFortress (the original) as part of a clan. We were terrible, but still. It was MY name. 
Twitter was the only company to take my name away based on the complaint. What was especially galling was that the guy didn’t even have a registered trademark. Since I’m nothing if not vindictive and petty, I decided to actually register the mark. An unfortunate amount of money later, it was mine. 
Lesson being, don’t fuck with me.

B&W image made to look spraypainted. "Ariock has a posse. Legit since Y2K."

This image was made by Brian Enigma during the ordeal, based on the work of Shepard Fairey. I had talked about it on LiveJournal, and Brian was kind enough to create this. I modified it to make buttons. If you’d like one of those, or the laughing Gordon Freeman image, let me know. I’ll let them go for a reasonable price.