Phone-Modding Part 4 – The End?

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All right. Time to open the last page:

First up, connecting the handset to the amplifier. See the photo:

I cut the wires from the jack for the handset, stripped the two that were for the speaker, added some shrink tubing (probably unnecessary) and connected them to the out jacks on the amplifier. I don’t think it matters which is which, or I got lucky. I believe the other two wires are for the microphone. I wasn’t able to disassemble the handset to be sure, but it worked fine.

Next, the switch hook connection. Again, this ends up being a lot easier with a newer phone.

This was a bit more complicated. There is a connection between the EN pin on the Feather and ground that will either be connected or disconnected when you set the handset down on the cradle. I’m still a little confused as to the reason. I feel like there should be a connection from EN(able) to ground to make it work. But there’s not normally a connection to that, so it would never work. It appears that the connection of EN to ground kills the program.

The switch itself has different connectors that are normally open or normally closed that change position with the handset is put in the cradle. I managed to find the two pins on this switch that made it work.

Last connection is for the regular USB power.

The usb cable is threaded through the hole in the back that would normally be where the phone connects to the wall. I tied a knot in this to prevent tension on the USB cable from possibly disconnecting the pins. The cable has all the pins a USB cable would need, but we only need two. First, the red wire is our 5 volt source that will power everything up for us. That needs to connect to the USB pin on the Feather. The black wire needs to connect to our ground.

And that’s it. Make sure the jumper wires don’t get in the way of the cradle switch. Put the keypad back in position. Connect the handset to the handset jack. And put the top of the phone back on. Screw it all back together, and you’re done. Plug the usb cable into something that’ll give it power, lift the handset, and it works!



Next up, troubleshooting.

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